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My favourite recurring theme is to be found between the tides of the North East beaches.

On my many visits to the local beaches I look very closely at how the power of the tide is rearranging the pebbles and decorating them with shells and seaweed. Although I sometimes work from arranged pebbles, seaweed and shells in my studio I also use lots of research, digital photographs and many quick colour sketches taken on my visits to the beaches.

All the pebbles and stones vary in pattern, shape, colour and texture and in my work I try to exaggerate these differences in a tonal fashion. In watercolour work, I tend to allow some of the pebbles to overlap the straight outer edges to give the impression that this is just a tiny part of the stony beach.

Stone Rings   Watercolour 36 x 44cms

Tall Panel   Watercolour   20 x 70cms

Seaweed Roots
Watercolour  32 x 42cms

Seaweed Caresses
Watercolour  32 x 40cms

2 Shells    Watercolour   30 x 40cms

Seaweed Curls
Watercolour   34 x 48cms


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